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About: I wrote Fetch (the Mac FTP client) as an employee of Dartmouth College, and created Fetch Softworks to continue its development and marketing.

Title Owner

Company/Organization Fetch Softworks

Tell us a bit about your day job. I write Mac code, help users, and run the business

What do you want to learn at the conference? What makes a good iPhone app

What iPhone applications do you think are pretty cool? Shazam, Civilization, NetNewsWire, Photos

October 18 2009

Using the Accelerometer: Not Just for Games - An excellent talk, with lots of content, great slides, and funny jokes.

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Sunday Keynote: Tapping into the Wild Success of the App Store - Lots of great ideas I hadn't seen or heard elsewhere.

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Saturday Keynote: Writing Good iPhone Apps - Great insights into the future of the iPhone "gold rush", and what happens when markets mature. Intriguing big-picture thoughts about humanity's return to a nomadic existence.

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September 11 2009

Added Mike Morton (friend), Daniel Jalkut (fan), and Jonathan Rentzsch (fan)


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