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NewAppIdea.com (https://www.newappidea.com) seeks app developers to bid on several open app projects. It is free to register, browse and bid. The NewAppIdea.com Team New App Idea | App Idea Development

Sun, Feb 7 at 9:24AM (0 comments)

You should have received an email from me (barbara.gavin@pearson.com) with a link to the three book Library. The email was sent with the subject line "iPhone Library Now Live" around 10:45am on Thursday, November 19. You can download the Library for $.99 through noon on Saturday.

Thu, Nov 19 at 10:52AM (0 comments)

Barbara Gavin posted Conference WiFi

Interesting discussion launched by Joel Spolsky. http://bit.ly/NsVJD

Wed, Oct 21 at 2:20PM (0 comments)

GeekOffices is happy to extend 4 days free to iphone developers who attended the conference. contact me to start your free trial. we have a hot group of startups making their homes here! Cambridge is the hotbed for iPhone dev! John

Mon, Oct 19 at 6:49PM (0 comments)

Jonathan Kardos posted Meeting smart people

It's been awesome meeting all these smart people and discussing iPhone & mobile. Does anyone know of any meet-ups or local Boston groups where I can discuss ideas or problems from time to time with fellow geeks? Any online groups perhaps? I think I'm anticipating some withdrawal issues...

Sun, Oct 18 at 10:48AM (0 comments)

Matt Martel posted Game developers...

Any game developers attending? I'm a local indie game maker (reMovem), would be interested in meeting others. Not sure if there will be time/facilities for breakout sessions, but would be good to connect while we're here.

Dower Chin: Hey Matt, I'll see if I can catch up with you, I'm sort of a wanna be game developer, and am only starting out on the iPhone, but would at least like to meet others with this interest. I'll see if I can find you before the end of the day Sunday.

Sun, Oct 18 at 12:13AM (1 comment)

Avatron Software is seeking a two more full-time engineers. To learn more, please visit www.avatron.com/jobs and look for me here at Voices That Matter. Avatron is the home of the poular Air Sharing apps, as well as fourteen other great iPhone apps. Dave Howell, CEO Avatron Software

Sat, Oct 17 at 2:39PM (0 comments)

Matt Martel posted iPhone app localization

Also, if anyone's interested in the whys and hows of translating your iPhone apps, seek me out. Two of my games are translated into 13 languages, helps tremendously in WW sales.

Sat, Oct 17 at 7:16AM (0 comments)

Brian Kraack posted Just got into town

For those of you who are also arriving today (Friday), what are your plans tonight? I'm meeting up with my brother, who just moved near here, so I wont be around, but I thought I would start a thread anyway, just to see what other people are planning. Anyone know of any neat stuff going on tonight? see you all tomorrow!

Fri, Oct 16 at 11:43AM (0 comments)

Looking for some guest developers to visit with a class and share their knowledge with students working on iPhone music, games, and management projects. No payment available but a fun time for an hour or so huddled over xcode with students at a local college. If you are interested drop a line chudson at aduci.com or see me at the conference this weekend.

Fri, Oct 16 at 9:56AM (0 comments)

Free Voices That Matter Conference iPhone Ticket from @kapsoft via Twitter Contest. Details: http://bit.ly/UFuWf

Kevin Driscoll: Dean, is there any chance that you could join us this evening in Acton? --------------------------------- http://www.meetup.com/nwiphone/calendar/11356041/ is the link if you want to register. If you approve, could you please forward this info to oth... [read more]

Thu, Oct 15 at 8:15AM (1 comment)

Barbara Gavin posted Reminder

Please download the iPhone SDK *before* you get to the conference center. We have good wi-fi, but not miraculous wi-fi! Thanks for understanding. http://developer.apple.com/iphone For Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), you will need to install the iPhone 3.1 SDK, which comes with Xcode 3.1.4. The download is ~2.5 GB. For Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), you will need to install the iPhone 3.1 SDK, which comes with Xcode 3.2. The download is ~2.2 GB.

Wed, Oct 14 at 9:28AM (0 comments)

I've only just started with the Stanford iPhone class (2 lectures - did the slider exercise that was done in lecture one and currently fighting with the HelloStanford with image, and I've been reading up on Objective-C) and I'm wondering if others who might have attended previous such conference believe that a conference of this kind is useful to a beginner. (I'm a software developer, mainly programmed in C and a few months with C++ and some othe... [read more]

Erik M. Buck: I am one of the presenters, and I think that beginners will benefit from most sessions. For example, my "Cocoa Design Patterns" session is listed as "advanced." However, design patterns don't require any amazing programming tricks. They are applicabl... [read more]
Lisa Nevin: Thank you for responding. I'm going to sign up. I won't be able to stay all day Saturday, but hopefully next year I'll be available the entire weekend. I'm really looking forward to the conference!
Dan Grover: I'm putting the finishing touches on my presentations for the conference and have been kind of worried that some of the stuff I cover (and the pace that I go) would irritate advanced developers. Good to know that there are some beginners too!

Fri, Oct 9 at 7:25PM (3 comments)

Doug Ingersoll posted Looking for an iPhone Developer

I am looking for someone who could develop an iPhone application for me. Here is what I am looking to do. I am glad to hear of anyone interested in quoting me a cost for such a development! Scope of Project Summary The iPhone/iPod application would be a ‘shell’ that the client would be able to populate with art elements, text, and other related information, and then deliver to the iTunes applications store for sale. The nature of the shell would ... [read more]

Jeff Lynch: Just curious how this is different from the many travel websites that can be browsed with Safari on the device? Who will be the "developer" (i.e. the entity selling the application)? Difficult to give a quote, find me at the conference and I can mayb... [read more]

Wed, Sep 30 at 11:14PM (1 comment)

Barbara Gavin posted Two Things

If you are going to need a hotel room - the room block at the Ramada expires tomorrow (October 1). You can call there afterwards, I know they still have availability, but they won't *save* rooms any longer than tomorrow. And, please, use CONNECT! to let me know which sessions are most interesting to you. It helps me decide whch sessions go in which room. Thanks! barbara

Wed, Sep 30 at 2:41PM (0 comments)

I'm extremely excited to be attending this conference. One of the things I wanted to do was find a way to incorporate a fun use of social media while I am in Boston for this event. To that end, I have just launched a project to see if I could leverage social media to not only support an independent trip to Boston, but more importantly leave the itinerary up to chance and see where the path may go! If you're interested, please check out http://www... [read more]

Sun, Sep 13 at 3:53PM (0 comments)

Barbara Gavin posted Questions for an attorney

If you, as an application developer, had access to a smart, funny, cool lawyer -- what questions would you want to have answered? In the realm of intellectual property, maybe?

Robert Brennan: I would be curious to know if one would be overzealous in having folks sign releases/waivers so that if their content is used - a snippet of music, a photo, video, etc - that compensation (if any) must be determined ahead of time. Is there a risk, fo... [read more]

Sat, Aug 22 at 11:48AM (1 comment)

This conference sounds like a blast!! My experience in iPhone development is fairly limited - but I have participated in the iPhone online course from Stanford (via iTunes U) and did the homework in addition to reading Erica Sadun's cookbook. I can't wait for this event; should be cool =)

Sun, Aug 9 at 10:39AM (0 comments)